She Will Be Loved

She Will Be Loved

Author: Kelly McVicar |  Publisher: She Writes Press

Within hours of landing in Paris for what she thinks is a romantic getaway, Kelly McVicar’s husband of nineteen years, Scott, tells her over pastries and espresso that there is another woman—and it’s him.

For years afterward, Kelly and Scott keep what has become “their” secret from everyone, including their two pre-teen boys, with Scott seeking to become a truer self even as Kelly contorts herself and her own desires—adding well-intentioned lies and half-truths to an already unreliable foundation—in a desperate attempt to maintain a hold on the life she thinks she still wants. But when Allison, once relegated to the role of Scott’s alter-ego, refuses to deny her true identity and sexuality any longer, continuing the pretense becomes impossible.

Kelly and Allison might laugh about shopping trips, dueling boob jobs, and matching teeth, but nothing can stop the destructive, messy nature of their mutual obsession and competition. They divorce, and as Allison moves on with her new life—which includes a handsome fiancé, a great job, and her family finally healing—Kelly can’t seem to let go of the past, or of the future she always thought they would build together. But there’s another, tragic transition in store for their family—and it’s one they never saw coming.

Poignant and startlingly candid, She Will Be Loved is a coming-of-age tale of two people certain the dream of love will break their fall.

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